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“Video Games Fast”

Fasting From Video Games Intro (Testimony)

Day 1: True Stories About Video Game Addiction

Day 1: Addicted To WoW (Extra)

Day 2:A Perspective On Video Games

Day 3: Satan’s Goal In The Video Game Industry

Day 3: Another Gospel In A Video Game (Tie-In)

Day 4: Spiritual Food From Christians Of The Past

Day 5: Message About Video Games

Day 6: Celebrate God’s Goodness And Power

Day 7: Closing


“Secular Television Fast”

Fasting From Secular Television Intro

Day 1: “The Dangers Of Television”, Walter Veith

Day 2: Cartoon Violence

Day 2: Two Different Types Of Animation (Tie-In)

Day 3: Walking In Nature

Day 4: Recommended Videos

Day 5: The Gospel Twisted In Movies

Day 6: Overview And Charles Spurgeon On Prayer

Day 7: “You’re Love Broke Through”, Keith Green (Closing)


Rock and Roll Fast

Introduction To Fasting From Rock And Roll

Day 1: “Music And The Christian”

Day 2: Article On CCM

Day 2: “Distraction Dilemma” (Extra)

Day 3: “Counterfeit Christianity”

Day 4: “Christian Entertainment In The Church”

Day 5: Alternative Contemporary Christian Music

Day 6: Musical Resources

Day 7: “What Will You Do?”, Dallas Holm (Closing)


Negative Emotions Fast

Fasting From Negative Emotions Intro

Day 1: Anxiety

Day 1: “Retrain The Brain”, Dan Gabbert (Extra)

Day 1: Songs For Overcoming Anxiety (Extra)

Day 2: Fear

Day 2: “Fear”, Dan Gabbert (Extra)

Day 2: Songs For Overcoming Fear (Extra)

Day 3: Anger

Day 3: Videos On Overcoming Anger, Featuring Dan Gabbert (Extra)

Day 3: Songs For Overcoming Anger (Extra)

Day 4: Guilt

Day 4: “True Vs. False Guilt”, Dan Gabbert (Extra)

Day 4: Songs For Overcoming Guilt

Day 5: Depression

Day 5: “Depression–Personal Value”, Dan Gabbert (Extra)

Day 5: Songs For Overcoming Depression (Extra)

Day 6: More Videos By Dan Gabbert

Day 7: “Because He Lives”, Gaither (Closing)

“Dealing With The Roots Of Anger”, Bob Phillips (Extra)

“Cutting-Edge Prayer”

“You May Have Peace” Part One

“You May Have Peace” Part Two

“You May Have Peace” Part Three

“You May Have Peace” Part Four