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“Video Games Fast”

Fasting From Video Games Intro (Testimony)

Day 1: True Stories About Video Game Addiction

Day 1: Addicted To WoW (Extra)

Day 2:A Perspective On Video Games

Day 3: Satan’s Goal In The Video Game Industry

Day 3: Another Gospel In A Video Game (Tie-In)

Day 4: Spiritual Food From Christians Of The Past

Day 5: Message About Video Games

Day 6: Celebrate God’s Goodness And Power

Day 7: Closing


“Secular Television Fast”

Fasting From Secular Television Intro

Day 1: “The Dangers Of Television”, Walter Veith

Day 2: Cartoon Violence

Day 3: Walking In Nature

Day 4: Recommended Videos

Day 5: The Gospel Twisted In Movies

Day 6: Overview And Charles Spurgeon On Prayer

Day 7: “Your Love Broke Through”, Keith Green (Closing)


Rock and Roll Fast

Introduction To Fasting From Rock And Roll

Day 1: “Music And The Christian”

Day 2: Article On CCM

Day 2: “Distraction Dilemma” (Extra)

Day 3: “Counterfeit Christianity”

Day 4: “Christian Entertainment In The Church”

Day 5: Alternative Contemporary Christian Music

Day 6: Musical Resources

Day 7: “What Will You Do?”, Dallas Holm (Closing)


Negative Emotions Fast

Fasting From Negative Emotions Intro

Day 1: Anxiety

Day 1: “Retrain The Brain”, Dan Gabbert (Extra)

Day 1: Songs For Overcoming Anxiety (Extra)

Day 2: Fear

Day 2: “Fear”, Dan Gabbert (Extra)

Day 2: Songs For Overcoming Fear (Extra)

Day 3: Anger

Day 3: Videos On Overcoming Anger, Featuring Dan Gabbert (Extra)

Day 3: Songs For Overcoming Anger (Extra)

Day 4: Guilt

Day 4: “True Vs. False Guilt”, Dan Gabbert (Extra)

Day 4: Songs For Overcoming Guilt

Day 5: Depression

Day 5: “Depression–Personal Value”, Dan Gabbert (Extra)

Day 5: Songs For Overcoming Depression (Extra)

Day 6: More Videos By Dan Gabbert

Day 7: “Because He Lives”, Gaither (Closing)

“Dealing With The Roots Of Anger”, Bob Phillips (Extra)

“Cutting-Edge Prayer”

“You May Have Peace” Part One

“You May Have Peace” Part Two

“You May Have Peace” Part Three

“You May Have Peace” Part Four

“You May Have Peace” Part Five