Day Four: Spiritual Food From Christians Of The Past


Though there were no video games in their time they had a lot to say about true Christian living and leaving this world behind. Below are links to their articles that deal with worldliness in the Christian life, and also videos of themselves speaking or someone reading one of their works. Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth as you listen and read their messages that are heaven sent.

A Short message by A.W. Tozer

A Powerful message by Andrew Murray

“The true Christian, who delights in communion with the Holy Spirit, and meditates upon His law, daily acquires a stronger vision and gains a clearer and more distinct appreciation of heavenly realities. They begin to assume for him a distinctness almost equal to that of the objects of natural sense around him; and eventually he is impressed with the unsubstantial, fleeting character of terrestrial things, and the greater permanency and reality of the heavenly world.”

G.M. GIGER on ‘Religious Retirement’ in The Princeton Pulpit, Ed. John T. Duffield, 1852, p.279

A Short Message by L.E. Maxwell (very powerful!)

A Stirring Message by Oswald Chambers

May we all truly  say in our hearts and really mean it, “Goodbye world, goodbye!” and “Hello Heaven!”


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