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Day Four: Spiritual Food From Christians Of The Past


Though there were no video games in their time they had a lot to say about true Christian living and leaving this world behind. Below are links to their articles that deal with worldliness in the Christian life, and also videos of themselves speaking or someone reading one of their works. Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth as you listen and read their messages that are heaven sent.

A Short message by A.W. Tozer

A Powerful message by Andrew Murray

“The true Christian, who delights in communion with the Holy Spirit, and meditates upon His law, daily acquires a stronger vision and gains a clearer and more distinct appreciation of heavenly realities. They begin to assume for him a distinctness almost equal to that of the objects of natural sense around him; and eventually he is impressed with the unsubstantial, fleeting character of terrestrial things, and the greater permanency and reality of the heavenly world.”

G.M. GIGER on ‘Religious Retirement’ in The Princeton Pulpit, Ed. John T. Duffield, 1852, p.279

A Short Message by L.E. Maxwell (very powerful!)

A Stirring Message by Oswald Chambers

May we all truly  say in our hearts and really mean it, “Goodbye world, goodbye!” and “Hello Heaven!”

Day 7: Closing


Thank you dear Jesus that there is victory in Your Name!

Note: I don’t endorse the ads that play before the video starts.

God bless you friends! Next month we will be fasting from secular television.

Day 6: Celebrate God’s Goodness And Power Toward You


Wow! We’re almost through with the first SPAM Fast. I hope and pray that you have been blessed and have learned through this spiritual experience. I also hope that you have gained knowledge not only on this blog but also in your personal bible study and devotions during this time. I myself have learned more about the dangers of video games and why it is best to lay them aside.

On this day before the last day I think it would be alright to have an early celebration of how God has blessed and aided us through this challenge. For those of you have been impressed to go a little longer with the fast you can still join in on this celebration. You have come along way by God’s grace.

Here are some suggestions to have your own celebration:

1. Pick your favorite Bible verse or Bible Story that God gave you during the week.

2. Read a message from an inspiring Christian author that really stirred your heart during the week.

3. Write down in a journal the many ways that God helped and blessed you during the week.

4. Praise God with your favorite Christian hymn/song or learn a new one.

5. Say a special prayer to God. Thank Him and praise Him for His love and power. Thank Him for revealing Himself to you during the week. Ask Him to make you strong in your commitment to spend more time with Him. Ask Him to open your eyes to the alternatives He has in store for you that can replace the video games you used to enjoy. He has many things that are far better than what your carnal nature longs for. Pray for those you know who are struggling with their love and addiction to video games. Ask God to help them just like He helped you. Believe that He can and will help them.

6. Tell your family and friends the adventure you just had with God. Share with them the things you learned, if they are interested and opened. Don’t push your blessings on them but let the Holy Spirit do the talking and the sharing through you. He’s an expert on talking to people.

Tomorrow there will be a closing song on how to have victory in Jesus on this blog.

Day 5: Message About Video Games


Here’s a message presented by a powerful preacher of today with his wife on the subject of video games. Before we watch this video I think we should pray first and ask God to open our minds to the truths He longs to teach us through it.

Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank you that You are with us through this week of fasting from video games. Thank you for the lessons You have taught us so far regarding this electronic device that has been created to divert our attention away from You and Your Word. Please free us from this worldly desire so that we may leave this week as better Christians, who love You God more than the controllable characters on the screen. We ask that the Holy Spirit will open our minds as we listen to this short message about video games and that we will prayerfully consider the things that the speaker will bring to our attention.

We ask all things in Jesus’ Name,


Day 3: Another Gospel In A Video Game


This is the video game that was mentioned in the previous post. If you are a big time Sonic the Hedgehog fan like I was, you may find it hard to believe that the fast spiky blue hedgehog would actually mock God or put Him down. But sadly this scene shows that it has been done. Before you watch this video I ask that you please read this portion of scripture and then compare it to what you see in this part of the Last Story: “Pilate therefore said unto Him, Art Thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth My voice.” John 18:37 KJV.

Note: The main character that is supposed to be “Jesus” is a black hedgehog that calls himself the Ultimate Lifeform in different sections of the game. In the beginning he hates humankind because of what happened to his human friend, Maria (which is another name for Mary) and tries to destroy the Earth with the help of main antagonist, Dr. Eggman. I personally think that this is a very blasphemous approach to the Story of Redemption in the Bible. The Real Jesus Christ didn’t hate humankind at all, even after they did horrible things to His faithful friends (prophets) in the Old Testament. He also didn’t hate them when His cousin, John The Baptist was imprisoned and murdered by evil King Herod. Jesus came to this sin filled world because He and the Father loved us so much that they couldn’t stand the thought of us being separated from them forever in eternal death. Be acquainted with the Real Ultimate Lifeform (Jesus Christ) during this week by reading the stories about Him in the Bible. You can find His stories in the first four books of the New Testament.

Oh, and one more point… Jesus was NOT a hedgehog!