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Losing And Regaining Your First Love


Did you once enjoy spending time with Jesus and now feel that it is a drag? Do you wonder why you feel this way? Prayerfully read the list in the link below. You may find out why you feel this way.

If after reading this you have discovered that you have indeed lost your first love in Jesus, don’t be discouraged. You can regain it. Check out the links below to find out how. “Declension From First Love”, Charles Spurgeon (Audio) “The First Love”, Andrew Murray (Devotional Thought) “How Can I Regain My First Love?”, Dr. Brown (Ask Dr. Brown Article)

Pray and ask Jesus to help fan the flame of the passion you once had for Him. He will help you get your first love back. Amen


“Revival” Introduction


This category will be a collection of videos, articles, and audio sermons that will teach you what revival is and how you can be revived through the Holy Spirit. These messages are great to read and listen to during your week/weeks of Spiritual Preparation And Meditation. Be sure to have your Bible and SPAM Fast journal with you.

Yes, Lord Jesus, revive us again!