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Day 1: “Music And The Christian”


I felt that the clips from the documentary “They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll” was a bit too dark and creepy. I think we all know that such singers like Pink Floyd, the Eagles, the Beach Boys, and other rock and roll musicians are not fitting for the ears of a Christian. Instead I would like to share this two part sermon by Doug Batchelor. Here’s some valuable information to consider on this first day of fasting from worldly music:

Dear God, please help us to start enjoying Your kind of music during this SPAM Fast. Lead us closer to You and to Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


“Joe Crews Classic Radio Sermons”


These short messages are uplifting, inspiring, and meaty to the soul. This man of God was not afraid to share the truths he found in the Bible, even when they were not very popular in his time. He sought to lead to people to Jesus and to show them how they could be better disciples in His Name. May these Bible truths bless you during your personal SPAM Fast with God!


“Revival” Introduction


This category will be a collection of videos, articles, and audio sermons that will teach you what revival is and how you can be revived through the Holy Spirit. These messages are great to read and listen to during your week/weeks of Spiritual Preparation And Meditation. Be sure to have your Bible and SPAM Fast journal with you.

Yes, Lord Jesus, revive us again!

Paul Washer Sermons


Would you like to learn how to be a true blue Christian? Would you like some messages that will stir your soul to love God and others more? Then check out these sermons by Paul Washer below. If you ask the Holy Spirit, He will use these inspired messages by Paul Washer to “wash” your soul of all worldliness and carnality. Don’t forget your Bible and to pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance before listening to this tough preacher with a heart full of love for God and for others.

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A.W. Tozer Sermons


Would you like to listen to some REAL meaty sermons? Then click on this link below and get ready to learn more about God and how to live for Him in a godless and secular world. The Holy Spirit and the Bible are required in order to get the most out of these very powerful messages. And don’t forget your SPAM Journal so that you can mark down the things you will learn along with the late great A. W. Tozer.

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