This blog is dedicated to Christians everywhere who want to leave this world behind and follow Jesus completely with their whole hearts. SPAM Fast may be looked upon as fanatical to most people but that’s okay. Wanting Jesus more and the world less has never been an easy issue. But if we truly love Jesus we don’t want the easy way, we want His way. We want to follow the same path that His people in both the Old and New Testament have followed. Even though it’s a hard path our Lord promises to be with us just like He was with the Christians of the past.

God is calling us for a closer relationship with Himself, so let’s leave this world behind for a week (or more if the Holy Spirit impresses us to go even deeper in our commitment) and see what happens to our lukewarm mundane Christian life.

If you want to be a part of Spam Fast, please click on the SPAM button in the “Categories” section to learn about the things you will need for the fast. Don’t worry, the things that you need are very inexpensive. In fact, you may already have some of the things that you need.  This isn’t a money making scheme, no, this is a calling from God to fast spiritually. And He doesn’t want money, He wants souls who love Him supremely and who will gladly obey Him in all things.

I pray that you all will be blessed as you dedicate seven days of your life in drawing closer to Jesus.


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