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Extreme Teaching


England: Dr. Rowland Taylor

The people of Hadley begged Dr. Rowland Taylor not to go see the bishop of Winchester and Lord Chancellor. They knew the bishop was furious at the teaching of Dr. Taylor.

For nearly twenty years, the English Bible had been legally distributed in England. Dr. Taylor had simply taught all those in his church to read the Bible for themselves and to follow its teachings. In contrast, religious leaders under the brutal rule of Queen Mary 1 called for strict adherence to the customs of the church.

After being insulted and accused by the bishop, Rowland replied, “I am a Christian man. I have not blasphemed against the church. In fact, by your own charge, you are the heretic. Christ died once and for all for the sins of mankind. It is sufficient. You and your traditions can offer nothing more.”

For the next two years, Dr. Taylor was a prisoner. When he learned that he would be burned at the stake outside Hadley, he leaped for joy. He was not concerned for his safety. Instead he rejoiced at the thought of traveling through Hadley and once again seeing his brothers and sisters in the faith.

Dr. Rowland Taylor was martyred in the winter of 1555.

Jesus replied, “If anyone loves Me, he will obey My teaching.” John 14:23 NIV

Love is spoken in many different languages. People need to hear love in their own language in order to recognize it. Some husbands serve their wives breakfast in bed to demonstrate their love. Still other spouses need a thoughtful gift in order to hear “I love you” loud and clear. Greeting card companies hope we’ll say it with words. Jesus, however, says that His love language is obedience. That is how we express our love to Him. When we obey Him, we show that we love Him. Taylor was martyred for teaching his followers to speak Jesus’ love language. He taught them to read the Bible and obey its teaching. Show Jesus you love Him, and honor Dr. Taylor’s memory today.

From “Extreme Devotion”, by The Voice Of The Martyrs

(C) 2001, The Voice Of The Martyrs

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“LED: AD The Bible Continues, And So Do The Errors”


Have you watched the new series called “AD”? It’s the continuation of the popular “The Bible” miniseries. I’ve seen the “The Bible” and have found it to be very disappointing because it was full of unbiblical facts and errors. Is “AD” any better? Check out this short video from Little Light Studios to find out!

Note: If you would like to get the most out of the stories from the Bible, read the actual Book. Get yourself acquainted with the Author and the scriptures during your SPAM Fast.

Fasting From Wrong Thinking Videos


Do you feel like God doesn’t love you, that you have let Him down and that He is very disappointed in you? If your answer is yes, then check out these short videos by Pastor Gregory Dickow. He gives really good advice on how to use the Word of God to overcome negative emotions and thinking. Prayerfully watch these videos and be blessed as you learn more about God’s love and grace toward you. There are forty videos (in keeping with a forty day fast from negative thinking that Pastor Gregory Dickow once held), you can watch one video a day or you can watch them all at once. However you choose to do it is okay. Let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you as you learn how to substitute wrong thinking for the promises of God’s Word.