Day 6: Celebrate God’s Goodness And Power Toward You


Wow! We’re almost through with the first SPAM Fast. I hope and pray that you have been blessed and have learned through this spiritual experience. I also hope that you have gained knowledge not only on this blog but also in your personal bible study and devotions during this time. I myself have learned more about the dangers of video games and why it is best to lay them aside.

On this day before the last day I think it would be alright to have an early celebration of how God has blessed and aided us through this challenge. For those of you have been impressed to go a little longer with the fast you can still join in on this celebration. You have come along way by God’s grace.

Here are some suggestions to have your own celebration:

1. Pick your favorite Bible verse or Bible Story that God gave you during the week.

2. Read a message from an inspiring Christian author that really stirred your heart during the week.

3. Write down in a journal the many ways that God helped and blessed you during the week.

4. Praise God with your favorite Christian hymn/song or learn a new one.

5. Say a special prayer to God. Thank Him and praise Him for His love and power. Thank Him for revealing Himself to you during the week. Ask Him to make you strong in your commitment to spend more time with Him. Ask Him to open your eyes to the alternatives He has in store for you that can replace the video games you used to enjoy. He has many things that are far better than what your carnal nature longs for. Pray for those you know who are struggling with their love and addiction to video games. Ask God to help them just like He helped you. Believe that He can and will help them.

6. Tell your family and friends the adventure you just had with God. Share with them the things you learned, if they are interested and opened. Don’t push your blessings on them but let the Holy Spirit do the talking and the sharing through you. He’s an expert on talking to people.

Tomorrow there will be a closing song on how to have victory in Jesus on this blog.


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