Day 2: A Perspective On Video Games


Are video games a counterfeit of the Christian life?

Let’s think for a minute:

In a video game the main character saves the world from evil forces.

Jesus saved the world from sin and Satan when He gave up His life for lost humanity.

In a video game the hero is controlled by a human to accomplish the task to stop evil.

In the Christian life, Jesus controls His people to accomplish His will for stopping evil. His will is what’s good and right for others.

In a video game the hero saves people during his mission.

In the Christian life, Jesus saves the lost through His people.

In a video game the hero fights against bosses who attempt to stop and destroy him. But the hero ends up defeating them in the end.

In the Christian life, the Christian fights against Satan and his hosts of darkness and overcomes them through the power of Jesus Christ.

In some video games you get a good ending or a bad ending regarding the choices you make on your electronic adventure.

There are also good outcomes and bad outcomes in the Christian life. One wrong decision can bring great sadness to Jesus, the Controller of your life, and also to those around you. But if the decision made is a right decision, then joy will fill the heart of Jesus and the hearts of others.

In a video game you get another chance when you get a game over or if you get a bad ending.

In the Christian life God gives us another chance when we fall. If we ask for His forgiveness and ask Him to continually change us, He will answer our prayer and will help us “continue” our lives in serving Him. Praise God that our life doesn’t have to be a total Game Over!

So it looks like we have a choice between an imaginary adventure and a real adventure. We can play the Controller with our video games or we can let Jesus be the Controller of our life and let Him lead and guide us in the Game of Life.

Dear God,
free us from our fantasy world during this time of fasting and open our eyes to the beauty and awesomeness of Your world, which is the ultimate reality.
Thank you, Father, that Your Son, Jesus desires to use us for Your mission even though we are sinful, weak human beings. Help us to let Him be the Controller of our lives so that all we say and do will bring a good outcome.
We ask these things in Jesus’ Name,


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