Day 3: Satan’s Goal In The Video Game Industry


“Satan’s Goal in the Video Game Industry”

The devil not only invented these electronic things as a distraction but also as another gospel. We have discovered that the video games could be a counterfeit of the Christian life because of the many similarities between the two. But what’s really scary is that the video games also twist the scriptures around.

I recall a time when I was playing a cool game on my Gamecube and invited my mom to watch it. I wanted to show her the final story and the final boss because I thought it was really neat and the graphics were very good. Well, when I got to the second part of the final story my mom pointed something out to me that I didn’t notice before:

“Is that character supposed to be Jesus Christ?” she asked.

I was taken aback by this question. “I don’t think so,” I answered.

“But that girl just said that the reason why he was brought into the world was to save it.”

I still didn’t see how that character could be Christ because I was too involved in my video game playing. But weeks later when I had my devotionals I came across the story when Pilate was questioning Jesus during His trial. Jesus told him that for this cause He came into the world. He was telling Pilate that the reason He came into the world was to save it.

I was shocked. My dear mom had discovered a counterfeit that was not only wrong but blasphemous. How could I have missed it? I must have played that story line hundreds of times and didn’t catch what she caught. How is that?

Later on I asked her how come I couldn’t see the counterfeit because I was also a Christian like she was. She answered that I was so distracted by the video game that when something that was clearly biblical came up I couldn’t recognize it. She was right. If I wasn’t so into that game I would have seen it also and would have been horrified at the fact that Jesus would be portrayed that way.

Satan wants to confuse the minds of people (Christians included) with video games. He saw that if he can distract them with the electronic adventure then when he comes with his false theories later on in the game those who know God will not be able to see it and those who don’t know Him will just think of it as an exciting climax to the story line.

No wonder God is urging His people to get away from this weapon of mass distraction. It’s time to truly go back to the old landmarks. Our souls are at stake and so are the souls of the lost.

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