Fasting From Secular Television Intro


Ah, TV! The past time filled with drama, comedy, adventure, sadness, horror, happiness, education, and fantasy! Who could say no to such a variety? Though television has some good in it there are a ton of things that should be avoided that are shown in this mesmerizing electrical box
. The majority of the movies have killing, swearing, drug use, alcohol use, adultery, and gross vulgar humor. Even most shows have these negative traits in them. You got such shows like “24”, “As The World Turns”, “Zombies That Ate New York” (Whatever that new horror show is called) and other titles.

These are the obvious bad ones. Unfortunately, we also have to be careful with movies and shows that are considered good, even by fellow Christians. Many of the family movies (especially the ones for children) have magic and occult practices laden in them. These things can be dangerous because Satan is in these things and he can make kids (and also adults) interested in this mysterious realm.  One preacher put it this way, “A dragon can often hide behind a G just as easily as behind an R.” *

In dealing with children’s cartoons this same preacher remarked, “Children’s cartoons extol the values of the occult and the supernatural in such a gripping and tantalizing way you can’t turn them off. And our kids are spellbound. (Literally, spell-bound!) **

This month we will be fasting from Secular Television. Like the video games we will focus on fasting from these worldly movies and shows for a week. During this time we can with God’s help look for great alternatives on television that can be beneficial for the body as well as the spirit (this is good as long as we don’t forget our personal time with Him in prayer, bible study/reading, and devotions). So when you want to watch a little TV during this fast ask God to guide you as you look for things that will glorify Him and build you and your family up. Be honest in your choosing. If you find out that the show or movie isn’t good ask God to deliver you from it and He will.

Are you ready to SPAM away from Secular Television? Then let’s get started.

* “Countdown To The Showdown”, by Dwight K. Nelson, pg. 22, Copyright (c) 1992 by Hart Research Center, Printed in the United States of America, All Rights Reserved

** Ibid, pg. 21


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