Day Six: Musical Resources


As we get close to the end of this SPAM Fast from Rock and Roll, I would like to recommend these resources to you to further aid you in understanding the power music has on the mind and on the heart.DD1

“The Distraction Dilemma” DVD set.

This whole seminar is very educational and Spirit-filled. Join Christian Berdahl as he shares information that will awaken in you a deeper commitment to Jesus Christ.

You can purchase this set at


“Rock Music” Inside Report Magazine

This article is very good and interesting. You can read it at


“Pop Goes The Music” DVD

Learn more about music with this fascinating DVD, which features Dr. Garlock as the presenter. You will be blessed and challenged by the content that is featured in this seminar.

You can purchase this DVD at

“Sonic Warfare” by Ivor Myers

This fellow was once a rapper until he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Prayerfully consider the studies he discovered about music and also his perspective on this sensitive subject.


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