Day 3: Walking In Nature


On this third day of fasting from secular television, let’s take a walk in nature and see God’s love through His created works.

Praise God for His wonderful works!

Now let’s listen to some amazing facts about the humming bird.

Prayer: Thank you, God for the things You have created in nature. Thank you for all things bright and beautiful, and for all creatures great and small. Thank you for showing us Your love and care in Your created works. May we remember the lesson of the hummingbird and daily commit our lives to reading and studying Your Word. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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  1. Fasting from secular TV will probably have an amazing impact on your walk with God. I think we as a society are too engulfed in pop culture. May God bless your efforts.

    • Absolutely! When we decide to take that step and leave this world behind, God blesses us in such big ways. One of the best examples of this is the late Pastor David Wilkinson. He enjoyed watching TV a lot and then started to feel that God wanted him to get away from it. So he sold his TV and committed his spare time to prayer and reading the Bible. It was during this period that God gave him the impression to go to New York City and help the troubled youth there. Because of his willingness to leave the world behind he was able to clearly hear God call him to the work that he was assigned to do.
      May our goal be to hear God’s voice clearly as we take our eyes off of the things of this world.

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