If you start thinking that you are accomplishing the fasting challenges or if you can’t do them, please recall these words from a preacher in the late nineteenth century:

“O my soul; yield yourself to the mighty influence of this word: ‘Of [God] are ye in Christ Jesus”! It is the same God of whom Christ is made all that He is for us, of whom we also are in Christ, and will most surely be made what we must be to Him. Take time to meditate and to worship, until the light that comes from the throne of God has shone into you, and you have seen your union to Christ as indeed the work of His almighty Father. Take time, day after day, and let, in your whole religious life, with all it has of claims and duties, of needs and wishes, God be everything. See Jesus, as He speaks to you, ‘Abide in me’ (John 15:4), pointing upward and saying,” ‘My Father is the husbandman.’ Of Him you are in Me, through Him you abide in Me, and to Him and to His glory will be the fruit you bear.” And let your answer be, ‘Amen, Lord! So be it.’ From eternity Christ and I were ordained for each other; inseparably we belong to each other. It is God’s will; I will abide in Christ. It is of God I am in Christ Jesus.”

Andrew Murray, “Abide in Christ”, p. 41

Scriptures quoted from the King James Version of the Bible

God is with with you as you fast from the things of this world. Take courage!

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