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“True Revival”, Ellen White


If you would like to know how to experience a true revival in your life and in the life of your church, check out this cool book below. There’s lots of gems on how to be full of the Holy Spirit’s love and power.


One of the best books I have read about revival.



Color Coding Your Bible


Here’s an activity that can make your times of reading the Word of God more meaningful. If you give a verse from the Bible a specific color you will better understand what it is saying and will have it fresh in your mind through out the day. Would you like to begin? The videos and the color chart can help you get started in making your own unique “Rainbow Bible.”







Suggestion: For better results, use colored pencils instead of markers or highlighters when marking your Bible.


“The Prayer Of Jabez”, Charles Spurgeon


You may be acquainted with Bruce Wilkinson’s insights on the prayer of Jabez, now read what Charles Spurgeon says about this powerful prayer. Click on the link below to learn what it means to be “blessed indeed” by God.