Are You Ready For Jesus?


Picture Jesus walking slowly through a beautiful garden in heaven with the quiet sound of a waterfall and birds happily singing as they hop from branch to branch in the trees. Jesus looks quite concerned. Soon an angel joins Jesus and they begin talking.

“I will be so glad when I can go back to earth again and get all My friends,” said Jesus. “I want them to enjoy the beautiful and exciting things I have prepared for them here. They are missing out on so much. Young men driving new sports cars on earth at 120 miles per hour think they are really doing something. Here in heaven they can fly themselves anywhere at 120 thousand miles per hour! Girls think the horses they ride are so pretty but they are like sway-backed mules compared to those they can ride here! The most beautiful houses on earth are like shacks compared to what I have prepared for them. We have beautiful delicious fruits and foods to which the earth has nothing that can compare. But what’s bothering Me,” Jesus says to the angel, “is that many of My friends on earth are more interested in the little tiny enjoyments the earth has to offer than what we have for them here in heaven. Why aren’t they interested in the more exciting things of heaven?”

“One reason they don’t seem to be interested,” says the angel, “is that they don’t know anything about the beautiful things of heaven.”

“Why?” says Jesus, “I’ve told them a lot about heaven in the Bible.”

“That’s just the trouble, they don’t read the Bible for themselves anymore,” says the angel. “This is the reason so many don’t know and care about being ready when You come.”

Tears come into Jesus’ eyes. “Why do they care for the cheap things of earth more than they do for Me and the Kingdom that I have prepared for them? The things of earth will all pass away, but what I’ve prepared for them will last forever.

“I’m so happy for those who have chosen My way and love Me as their Best Friend. I am anxious to go to earth soon and get them and bring them home. Oh, if more would decide to come, it would make Me very happy. I’ve got a home in heaven for every person who has ever lived. If they would all come, I would be so thrilled.”

From: “Following Jesus: A Junior Baptismal Guide”, by Monte Church, pgs. 19-20.

Would you like to join Jesus and His people in Heaven? There's a place for you there. Read John 14: 2-3.

Would you like to join Jesus and His people in Heaven?
There’s a place for you there.
Read John 14: 2-3.


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