Day 2: Two Different Types of Animation


Let’s do a little comparison here. I’m going to put video clips of certain animated programs and as you view them ask yourself this question, “Is this good for me and for my children?”

First clip:

OKAY…I think we know the answer to that one clip.

Now how about this:

Well, the character didn’t get hurt but the whole idea is kind of disturbing. Wouldn’t you agree?

Now what do you think of this?

Looks like typical “3 Stooges” slapstick humor to me.

Now check this out:

Wow! What a difference!

Let’s see what this one is:

Where’s the crash, bang, boom in this? This is just as different as the one before it!

Let’s see one more:

And there you have it. The animation that didn’t have the slapstick humor is not only beautiful in it’s appearance but it is also educational, inspiring, and interesting. And this is just the tip of the ice burg. I would encourage you to look for other alternatives that would greatly benefit you and your family in television viewing. If you pray while searching God will open up His storehouse of wonderful things that He longs to give you and your loved ones during this time. His alternatives will bless you now and in the long run.


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