A long time ago I read a story from the book, “The Prayer of Jabez for Teens” by Bruce Wilkinson, about a young girl who decided to get away from the world for a week. She prayed and read the Bible instead of indulging herself in secular media entertainment. It was a real challenge for her but God rewarded her faithfulness in the end. She became a better Christian and realized that many of the things she liked were not good for her. The fast she embarked on was called SPAM, which is an acronym for Spiritual Preparation and Meditation. What a wonderful exercise to draw the soul closer to God!

I’ve tried looking up this awesome fast in search engines but couldn’t come up with any results about it. I guess SPAM is unknown to the public or is long gone. A fast like this would truly scare Satan for it would free many people from the clutches of the world, which is his kingdom. Perhaps he’s trying to hide this from sincere Christians because he doesn’t want them to be totally devoted to God and His Kingdom. But he didn’t succeed.

There are some Christians who realize that you can’t have one foot in the world and one foot in Heaven and they are encouraging their brothers and sisters to leave the things of this world behind and to draw closer to God. Some are even recommending fasting from secular media for a certain period so that the participants can be filled more with the Holy Spirit. One preacher encouraged his congregation to fast from secular television for 10 days during a revival series. Wow! Imagine how ready the soul would be to receive the Holy Spirit by doing that!

There are some Christians who saw things in the secular media that they hadn’t noticed before as a result of prayer and Bible study. These people are sharing with the public the things they have discovered and are warning them of the dangers of Satan’s devices. These messengers are heavily criticized and are accused of being fanatics by those who don’t understand or  can’t see. Their messages are hard to digest sometimes but you can learn from them if you have a prayerful and opened mind when you listen to them. Their messages may surprise and change you. They may even make you love God more.

This blog was created with the desire to revive the SPAM Fast for Christians who wish to take their relationship with God to new heights. It will feature posts, videos, music, prayers, and links that will help those who wish to embark on their own SPAM Fast.

There will be different categories of this fast. We will not only tackle the secular media but will also get into emotions and other things that can make a person stumble in their walk with God. However we will deal with them one at a time.

Before you start it is recommended that you first pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you in this decision that is totally against human nature. God will sweeten the experience so that the struggles don’t get you down.

Are you truly ready to fast?


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